Hipertipo 2, restarting the machine

02 March 2021   hipertipo

Yes, Hipertipo is back online in 2021. Early days, lots of work ahead… exciting times!

Our online presence is being planned and built around 3 separate domains:

hipertipo.com (this website)
bilingual home page with info about Hipertipo, work log, and links to other sites
bilingual subsite to showcase our fonts and sell font licenses (currently in alpha mode)
subsite to showcase our type design & font production tools (in English only)
Wait, who is ‘us’?

It’s really just me at the moment. But Hipertipo 2 is being built as a platform, and the future is open.

Pattern language

All sites are being built using the Bootstrap CSS framework, I’ve been enjoying to work with it. The look & feel is still very dull with the default font and colors, I’ll be working on that soon.

Continuous integration

The sites are being created with Jekyll and are served through GitLab Pages. The system is automated, so that each site is updated automatically after each commit to its repository.


Last but not least, a big thanks to Datenfalke for taking good care of our server and domains since 2004. Danke Falco!

That’s all there is for now. Watch this space for more news and updates.