Licensing prototype fonts

31 October 2021   fonts licensing

»To see things in the seed, that is genius.«

Early versions of all Hipertipo Fonts are now available under a special Prototype License.

Prototype License

The Prototype License allows closer collaboration between font maker and font users.

Font users can get their hands on the fonts before they are published, for a fraction of the final price

Font maker can get valuable feedback from users, and a small revenue to support the final stages of production

Prototype fonts are still under development. Please keep in mind that:

The fonts may contain bugs. If you come across one, please report it so it can be fixed as soon as possible.
The design of the fonts is still subject to change: everything from glyph shapes to spacing, variable axes, etc.
The user will receive progressive updates of the font until the final version is completed and released.
When the font is finally released, the Prototype License is automatically upgraded to a Standard License.

Our main goal at this stage is to connect with designers interested in using our fonts in real world projects.

Looking forward to work with you! Get in touch.