hTools4 development postponed

01 January 2022   tools hTools4

I am sorry to announce that the development of hTools4 has been postponed indefinitely.
My apologies to all hTools3 users who were counting on it.

The future of Hipertipo is a bit uncertain at the moment. Resources are scarce and my old MacBook Air won’t last much longer – I am trying to make the most out of it while it still works. My next computer might not be a Mac… I need to be ready for every scenario.

With all that in mind, after doing some initial work on hTools4 in October, I’ve decided to turn my attention back to the fonts again – I realized that I could not fight on two fronts at the same time, and the priority was finishing and releasing the font catalog. Besides, my current RF3 setup works like a clockwork and I’m very productive with it – what else could I ask for? If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

I rely heavily on hTools3 for my design and production work and will continue to update it. hTools3 users will soon receive an email with a fresh access key, as the current one has expired on 31/12/2121 (yesterday).

I encourage all RoboFont users to upgrade to RF4 if they can. I believe most tools in hTools3 will work fine in RF4, so just go ahead and give it a try. I hope I can meet you there sooner rather than later.

Thanks in advance to all hTools3 users for your understanding, and for making it possible to get this far.

Greetings from the hills of Cunha-SP, have a great 2022 everyone!